My Storage & Organization for 6″ x 6″ Paper

I recently made some much needed updates to my storage for 6″x6″ paper. It was somewhat organized but there was definitely room for improvement.

Before: I keep my 6″ x 6″ paper in a clear bin that I got on amazon. I like being able to flip through and find what I’m looking for and the clear bin is perfect for that. I tried to keep the full sheets of each paper pack together, then I’d just drop in the scraps in the front of the bin. It was a bit of a mess and it wasn’t easy to find what I was looking for.

Organization Plan: I purchased a few packs of Crate Dividers & 6″x6″ Paper Sleeves from Stamp n Storage to make things easier to find, and keep scraps together.

Here’s a quick video of the before and after.

I’m loving the new organization with the the Dividers and Paper Sleeves! Now my paper is so much easier to find with the labeled dividers and scraps are where they should be in the paper sleeves. In addition to this fab new storage, I’ve determined that I need to update labels on my dies and 12×12 paper storage so I can read them. At one time I could read the small font I was using but not so much any more 🙂

One more time, here’s the slightly messy before……

And the fabulous after……

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